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Mulefoot Pig Reservation Form

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I________________________________________ (please print) agree to purchase one AMHA REGISTERED MULEFOOT PIG (GILT / BOAR, circle appropriate selection) from: Katherine Budke, Meadowlark Heritage Farm: 1321 State Street, Concordia, Kansas 66901. Remit one reservation form for each pig reserved. If reserving prior to litter being born, this contract is subject to availability. The purchase price agreed upon is $________.

Reservations are filled in the order in which they are received. Please contact the seller prior to sending deposit, to determine purchase price, availability & any applicable discounts. The deposit of $______ is to be remitted with this contract. If shipping by air, pigs must be paid in full by 6 weeks of age. If you are picking up your pig, you may pay the balance in cash at the time of pickup. Pickup is to be made at 8 weeks of age. Make checks payable to: Katherine Budke.  (Minimum of 14 days in advance of pick up). All pigs must be paid for in full before leaving our farm.

Shipping costs & crates are not included in the price of the pig, and are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Meadowlark Heritage Farm arranges all shipping promptly when pig is paid in full. All Shipping costs are COD to the airline. Seller will notify Purchaser of current airline pricing. Seller ships pigs at 8 weeks old, or the next available date, pending weather & airline restrictions (no less than 22 degrees and no more than 85 degrees at any point during flight). For pigs being shipped, full payment must be received by six weeks of age or sales are null and void and deposits retained. A delivery fee to airport will be added to cost of pig. The cargo department of receiving airline must be open upon delivery.  An airline approved crate is required. We recommend Dr Fosters and Smith "Pet Dens". Seller must receive one crate per pig by the time the piglet is 6 weeks of age. These crates can be reused.

Pigs leave our farm healthy and sound. Meadowlark Heritage Farm is not liable for any injury sustained by a pig during flight. Once the pig is released to the purchaser or the airline, Meadowlark Heritage Farm is not liable for any injury, illness, death or veterinarian fees due to improper handling, feeding, medication, misc. ailments, etc; as we cannot guarantee proper care of the pig after purchase. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to gain the knowledge necessary to properly care for the pig. Meadowlark Heritage Farm will answer any questions to the best of our knowledge regarding the care of pigs. All veterinarian certificates & inspection costs are the responsibility of the purchaser, & will be added to the purchase price of the pig. Meadowlark Heritage Farm assumes responsibility to present the pig to the veterinarian for said inspections. Purchaser must notify Seller of specific certificates/tests required by Purchaser’s State veterinarian no later than 14 days before pickup/shipping.

If Purchaser decides not to complete this transaction, Purchaser will forfeit any deposit. Purchaser has the opportunity to visit Seller to visually inspect said pig, & is accepting pig "as is" if shipping via air. Meadowlark Heritage Farm will forward pictures of available pigs when requested. In the event that the reserved pig is not available due to illness or death, Purchaser’s deposit will be refunded, or another pig will be made available. A signed copy of this contract will be returned to Purchaser.

Purchaser Signature_________________________________________  Date:______________
Name:____________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________ City:_______________________________State:___________ Zip;___________ Phone:______________________ Email:_____________________@___________  Cell Phone:________________

Nearest Airport if shipping:____________________________________________
(Contact breeder prior to mailing in reservation to confirm availability of shipping)

Seller Signature_________________________________________  Katherine Budke 785-243-7395


Meadowlark Heritage Farm
Katherine Budke
Concordia Kansas

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